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About Creative Registry Australia

Creative Registry Australia (CRA) is an online platform that connects small business creatives with retailers who are looking to buy and stock Australian handmade items.

It’s a bit like Tinder - it helps creatives and retailers hook up! 

Through Creative Registry Australia it’s easy for creatives to be found by and connect with ready-to-purchase retailers. Creatives are able to reach new audiences, expand their brand, build their business and sell their products. 

The best bit is CRA provides the search power through the platform - the rest is up to you, we won’t charge commissions or a fee for sales, just a low weekly subscription fee with no lock-in contract. 

By using Creative Registry Australia, retailers can stay one step ahead of their competitors by discovering unique stock for their shelves while supporting Australian creatives. 

It’s free to search and connect directly with top quality, independent creatives 

Searching on Creative Registry Australia is as simple as typing in a keyword and browsing the results. It’s quick and easy, available anywhere-anytime. Retailers can choose to link up with creatives in their local area or discover creative products from right around the country and it’s free for retailers to use the service. 

Creative Registry Australia is the easiest way to connect as a retailer and creative

The process is easy, register as either a small business creative and pay a low weekly subscription fee of just $4.95 to be part of our creative community. That’s less than a cup of coffee and allows you to be accessed by hundreds of Australian retailers looking for unique handmade products with no further fees or charges on your sales. 

For a retail business looking for amazing handmade Australian stock just start searching and register to receive updates and news if you want to. No fees, no hassle.

Creative Registry Australia Australian Creatives Register Creative Registry Australia Australian Creatives Register

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me? 

Creatives pay a low weekly fee of just $4.95 per week with no lock-in contract. That’s less than a cup of coffee a week for access to hundreds of retailers looking for unique handmade goods, resources and to be part of the CRA community. Retailers can use the website for free with no added fees for purchasing through the website. 

Do I need to register to use the website? 

Only if you're a creative, as the site is for small business creatives and retailers you will need to register to use the service by providing some information about your business and your ABN. 

Am I locked into a contract? 

No, you can opt out of the subscription at any time by emailing us at Your subscription will be cancelled within 7 days from your email. 

Is it hard to register as a creative? 

No, the registration process is as easy as uploading some pictures and information about your business and products and confirming your subscription payment. Your registration will be processed and uploaded by our team once checked. We may need to chat to you about some small changes to your information or pictures to make sure you have the best chance of attracting retailers to buy from you, but this is easy and quick to do. 

As a retailer, why would I use CRA instead of a trade fair to source products? 

  • You have access to creatives who don’t do trade fairs, so you can source unique products 
  • You are supporting a small Australian creative business It’s easy and you can access new stock any time, anywhere 
  • You won’t be competing with other retailers in your area for exclusivity with brands 
  • You will be the first to know when a new Australian creative is ready to sell wholesale 
  • You will get the best price as creatives are not paying commissions on sales to CRA

Why would I use CRA as a creative who wants to sell to retailers? 

  • You are exposed to hundreds of Australian businesses looking for unique stock 
  • You don’t have to pay thousands to do trade fairs and markets 
  • You pay no fees on sales, just a low weekly subscription fee. Less than a cup of coffee at just $4.95 per week so you can offer the best wholesale price to retailers 
  • It’s easy and you can cancel your subscription at any time 
  • You have access to awesome resources that will help your business grow 
  • You are part of the CRA community, giving you opportunities to connect with like-minded people 

Do I pay fees on the sales generated from referrals from CRA? 

No, we want to connect you with opportunities and see you grow so we only have a subscription fee which is as low as the cost of a cup of coffee! Just $4.95 per week to access all the advantages of being part of the CRA community. 

I design my own stock, but have it made offshore, Is CRA the right platform for me?

CRA is a platform to help creative practitioners in Australia flourish by giving them a way to connect with retail buyers looking for handmade, Australian products. As such we are looking for creatives who design and produce their products in Australia, but we are happy to review your business on a case by case basis so please contact us if you wish to discuss this further. 

What are the criteria for registering with CRA as a creative? 

To register as a creative with CRA you must meet the following criteria. 

  • Products will have a handmade element to the product completed by the business registering 
  • Products will be designed and created in Australia 
  • The registering business will have the ability to sell at a wholesale level 
  • The registering business will have a platform or process for retailers to connect with them. e.g website or lookbook 
  • The registering business will pay the subscription fee for the use of the platform each week 
  • The registering business will need to provide photographs and information about their products and business for the platform 

What are the criteria for registering as a business with CRA? 

You will need to have an ABN You want to support Australian creatives and stock your retail business with awesome stock